Lift Up Your Head

All around you seems bleak right now and your nights and days run into each other because you don't know which is what. You're worried about everything as nothing seems to make sense. Those closest to you don't understand because they're not going through the same situation, don't understand what you're saying and you've run... Continue Reading →

Hezekiah’s wish

There are times that we get ahead of ourselves. Things in our lives brings joy to our hearts and all we want to do is tell the world. You just got promoted on your job and you immediately call your friends or loved ones to celebrate. You were gifted a new car and you want... Continue Reading →

Customer Service

I sat at my work station upset and fuming because I again had to endure the insults and rants from a customer who thought I was incompetent and incapable of doing my job as a "measly cashier who made no money at all". The woman came to my station just as a customer was leaving... Continue Reading →

Gates are Borders

Have you ever thought of what the importance of a gate at the front of your home mean? I'm sure we only look at it from one point of view. Most people would say to protect them, some would say to keep away unwanted visitors, others would say to beautify the rest of the property.... Continue Reading →


David seemed to attract enemies everywhere he went, like some kind of magnet, he seemed the target for everyone. This time, the Philistines came up against him because they "heard" he had been anointed King over Israel. The story as taken from 1 Chronicles 14:8-12. Isn't if funny how you automatically attract enemies because of... Continue Reading →

Stock Up!

Like a broken record, I've been hearing this statement from more than one Prophet: "Stock Up!". They've been literally begging people to begin buying and stocking up on food and water because they can see something in the spirit realm that the ordinary eye cannot see. Some of these prophets have been mocked and ridiculed... Continue Reading →

Your Human Sacrifice

Many people have at one point in their life sacrificed something for another. Some instances are as simple as giving an elder lady your seat while you stand, giving up your college dream so your aunt can have a longer life with you or letting go of a valuable item. Sacrifices comes in many shapes... Continue Reading →

Repentance Prayer

Father,In the precious name of Your Son Jesus ChristI humbly ask forgiveness for all of my sins known or unknown.I repent of all sins, iniquity and transgression that I have Committed in my life and ask You to forgive me for all.I renounce Satan and all his works in my life,Whether it was done deliberately... Continue Reading →

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