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It seems like every year, in any season, a new "something" pops up. Sometimes we hear about it and pay it no mind until it reaches our doorsteps. Other times, it scares us into a frenzy and we become slaves to our fear. I remember the year the Ebola Virus hit Nigeria. This one scared... Continue Reading →

Bomb Cyclone to Push Damaging Swells Across the Caribbean

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Dale Destin - 268Weather

Dale C.S Destin|

The Caribbean Basin is about to see another round of large and damaging swells reaching its shorelines starting Saturday, from a bomb cyclone. Swells are forecast to exceed 3.5 metres (12 feet) and break at higher heights, as surfs, on coastlines. This is likely to be the biggest swell event since Swellmageddon of March 2018.

Animation of bomb cyclone, east of Canada, with pressure pattern, wind speeds and directions, as forecast by the Global Forecasting System (GFS) Model. Time in UTC

The event will be kicked off by a relatively inconspicuous low-pressure system (LPS), currently over the northeast United States. The LPS will go through explosive development (bombogenesis) over the next 24 hours and become a ginormous and powerful bomb cyclone (extratropical cyclone) over the northwest North Atlantic, with hurricane-force winds.

Although this system will form over 3220 km (2000 miles) away, it will have a…

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So I listened to a friend of mine read an article someone posted. Basically, this young woman took her little girl to a poolside to have a little fun. She brought towels, sunscreen, toys, they wore matching swimsuit and hair accessories - typical female outing stuff. One of her most prominent items however, was her... Continue Reading →

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