Remembering December

December 2017 saw no joy, laughter and happiness from the people on the small island of Dominica, as the Christmas season drew to its peak. We had just been hit by the most catastrophic hurricane ever to visit our shores and the spirit of Christmas was blown away with the nearly 200mph winds of Hurricane... Continue Reading →


Healing and Forgiveness

Have you ever considered how so much alike these two words are? Although they may stem from different backgrounds, they both involve pain, they both require a process, they both make you feel better. When someone has wronged us we tend to lash out from pain. When we have been injured we cry out automatically... Continue Reading →


Have you prayed recently? When was the last time you prayed? Are you falling short on your end of the conversation with God? Do you feel that you've been driven so far that He won't hear you? Have you separated yourself from Him because of some sin, secret or otherwise that you are ashamed of? Well,... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't get the "good stuff". Like there's some kind of higher power blocking the hole where my goodies are being dropped, and all that seeps through is negative. It drains, it depresses, it hurts and when it builds, it creates a monster. No one likes disappointments.... Continue Reading →

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