So I listened to a friend of mine read an article someone posted. Basically, this young woman took her little girl to a poolside to have a little fun. She brought towels, sunscreen, toys, they wore matching swimsuit and hair accessories - typical female outing stuff. One of her most prominent items however, was her... Continue Reading →



The joys of becoming a mom begins with being pregnant but this joy does have its growing pains. I remember how it felt years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. To have this little person growing inside of me and trying my best to... Continue Reading →


How does our "church" help us in our situations? This is the question that came to mind as I read an article today on "gay pride month". For the life of me, I didn't know that existed but with the way things are these days, I guess a declaration of some sort will be made... Continue Reading →

Blessings to Follow

Have you ever had dreams where you were taken back to former things? Former houses, jobs, colleagues or anything that you've already left? Let me tell you today that these dreams are indications of great things on the horizon for you, but something, more precisely, the spirits of the dark world are trying to prevent... Continue Reading →

Empty Wells

When I think of a well, I think of a deep hole with water at the bottom. I guess many people do. That water is cool, refreshing, delicious and has a different taste from that of the pipes. It is full of minerals and hasn't been treated for chemicals making it healthier than what comes... Continue Reading →

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