Stock Up!

Like a broken record, I've been hearing this statement from more than one Prophet: "Stock Up!". They've been literally begging people to begin buying and stocking up on food and water because they can see something in the spirit realm that the ordinary eye cannot see. Some of these prophets have been mocked and ridiculed... Continue Reading →

Your Human Sacrifice

Many people have at one point in their life sacrificed something for another. Some instances are as simple as giving an elder lady your seat while you stand, giving up your college dream so your aunt can have a longer life with you or letting go of a valuable item. Sacrifices comes in many shapes... Continue Reading →

Repentance Prayer

Father,In the precious name of Your Son Jesus ChristI humbly ask forgiveness for all of my sins known or unknown.I repent of all sins, iniquity and transgression that I have Committed in my life and ask You to forgive me for all.I renounce Satan and all his works in my life,Whether it was done deliberately... Continue Reading →

Text Or Trash

We sat for hours in a class To find out our texts were trash. It happened that our teacher said "The text is trash"; that which we read. But the trash was then made text Since we had to read the chapter next So we sat and read the trash Before the teacher came to... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

This year is by no means a "normal" year. Normal, meaning what we are accustomed to. So for anyone who is alive and well or alive for that matter should be ever so Thankful. With the way things are going lots of families have lost their loved ones, homes, jobs or anything they considered or... Continue Reading →

At Home With Martha

Do you remember the story of Mary, Martha and Jesus? The one where Jesus visits their home and Martha busied herself in preparation of meals and the home whilst Mary sat at Jesus' feet, quietly listening to Him? You can find this story in Luke 10:38-42. Jesus was not angry with any of the sisters... Continue Reading →

How Do You Dress?

Babies go through stages in life from 0-2 years that are called "milestones". Parents embrace these "milestones" as it is an indicator of where the child is physically and mentally. As they grow further, they are taught to do things on their own so they don't become too dependent on their parents. One of the... Continue Reading →

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